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Norfolk Island is an Australian self governing "External Territory". It lies in the Pacific 1700 Km east of Sydney and is one of the most beautiful island paradises on this planet - home of the majestic Norfolk Island Pine.
First settled by Polynesians 500 years ago, they then disappeared, and Norfolk Islands was rediscovered
by Captain James Cook in 1774, and resettled in 1788 when convicts from Sydney arrived. Norfolk Island ceased
 to be a penal colony in 1855.
Permanent settlement occurred in 1856 when descendants of the "Bounty" crew arrived from Pitcairn Island.
The island contains a World Heritage convict precinct - fascinating for its completeness, history, beauty,
and unaltered Georgian architecture. To complete the picture of history frozen in time Norfolk Island has its
own unique language, spoken by many of the wonderfully welcoming and hospitable residents.

A superb sub tropical climate - never above 30 degrees, an outstanding range of catered and self catered
accommodation, magic vistas, peace and relaxation - WONDERFUL!
There cannot be a better place for ALL Australians and New Zealanders to SPEND A WINTER.
ACTIVITIES - Outdoor activity abounds - golf, tennis, fishing, surfing, walking and exploring, horse riding,
scuba diving, snorkelling, canoeing, clay target shooting, a coffee plantation, duty free shopping and squash
- all within walking distance.
DINING  - An excellent range, fresh sea food is the specialty, and self catering supplies are readily available.
For people who have been everywhere - Norfolk is SPECIAL and DIFFERENT and for
those who have not travelled yet - then Norfolk is the PLACE TO START.

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